Our many years of clinical experience in the science of weight loss get you the results you deserve. Take a moment and picture yourself at your desired goal weight. What does that look and FEEL like? You can have the energy to do the things you want to do and get more out of life. We can guide you, step by easy step. Make the call today, let's start YOUR success story! 

Step One!
Schedule your
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During this free weight loss evaluation our medical professionals will be checking your body measurements, body fat percentage, body mass index and total body composition. Our professional weight loss counselors will explain what each measurement means and help determine your goals.

Step Two!
Determine which
program and products
are best for you.

In a comfortable setting your weight loss coach will explain all that we have to offer in detail. Since all programs are customized to your personal needs, fees will be determined after your goals are assessed. There’s no pressure, this is simply your opportunity to learn what we are about.

Step Three!
Start losing weight and FEELING GREAT!

You're now on your way to achieving your desired weight and improved health and energy.

Teri Mobley, CRNP
Professional Weight Loss Center
-50 lbs!

Professional Weight Loss Center saved my life! With so many “diet” plans and products, it was difficult to figure out which one was the best. For me, a plan I could stick with was what I needed. I refuse to diet anymore but rather want the balance of a healthy lifestyle. The counselors showed me how to take charge of my health. I learned to be proactive – prepping meals, time-savers with cooking healthier foods, making time for exercise, managing stress, better sleep, and making time for meditation.

Chasta Jones
-75 lbs

Carol Watts
-45 lbs

Michael Murphree of Blountsville
-85 lbs!

I am so grateful to Professional Weight Loss Center for helping me when it seemed I had no hope of losing weight. Down -85lbs and completely off blood pressure medicine in 9 weeks.

Michelle Sweatmon of Crane Hill
-140 lbs!

I weigh less now than I did in high school. I am literally half the size I was when I started this program. This process has transformed me into a totally different person physically and mentally. I am so much more confident and have a more positive outlook on life. I always wanted this my whole life and one day I just decided I deserved it and made it happen. i couldn't have made it this far without the help of my counselors who are now my best friends. Everyone is so encouraging and understanding of the challenges life throws at you. I never once felt embarrassed or ashamed of myself and they kept me motivated to stay focused on my goals. This is the best decision I've ever made. Make today your day!

Sabrina Paine of Cullman
-60 lbs!

My weight loss transformed my whole life. I have a great new job at CRMC that I love and with my new-found confidence, I enjoy shopping for clothes and going out with my friends like never before. Simply put, life is just better with the weight off!

Zac Lee
-85 lbs!

Percy Baldwin of Cullman
-135 lbs!

The day I decided to go to PWLC, I could barely walk into the center. My health was so bad, I knew I had to do something and trying it on my own simply wasn't working. Everyone there truly cared about me and my success. Now I am living life to the fullest! I am finally healthy enough to keep up with my grandchildren instead of sitting on the sofa watching life pass me by. I even took a month long visit to California to visit family and they were so shocked to see the new and improved me! Don't wait another day to get started and start getting more out of life.

Jennifer Parker
-88 lbs!